Dr. Jabe Bloom is a internationally recognized academic, speaker and consultant. His work engages with design theory, technology, and organizational dynamics.

Photo of Dr. Bloom

With a career spanning over two decades, he has held prominent roles including Founder, Chief SocioTechnical Officer, Chief Architect, Principal Technical Director, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Technical Officer, expertly bridging the gap between creative ideation, software development, architecture and operational excellence.


In 2014, Jabe co-founded PraxisFlow, a consultancy firm dedicated to enhancing organizational efficacy by embracing a systemic approach to business processes with Kevin Behr.


In 2023, Jabe co-founded Ergonautic, alongside Andrew Clay Shafer a pioneer in DevOps and Sasha Czarkowski (Rosenbaum) who has a degree in Computer Science, an MBA, and two decades of experience across development, operations, product management, and technical sales. Together, they explore the fitness of work systems within public and private organizations.

Carnegie Mellon University, School of Design

In 2024, Jabe earned his PhD in Design from Carnegie Mellon University, School of Design, presenting a Design Studies dissertation titled “Temporally Informed Design,” which investigated the integration of temporality and complexity into design practice in order to enable more sustainable presents and futures.

Dr. Bloom’s work, writing and research continue to influence and shape the future of design and technology. Jabe is highly sought after for his unique insights on Lean Systems, Theory of Constraints, Design Theory, and Complexity Theory, frequently addressing these topics at international conferences and in workshops. He has also contributed to the academic community as a lecturer at Carnegie Mellon, NYU’s Tandon School of Engineering, and NYU’s Berkley Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation among others.

Jabe lives in Pittsburgh with his family. When not engaged in academic or professional pursuits, he enjoys spending time indulging his interests in philosophy and photography, life long passions that began formally with a bachelor’s degree in Photography & Philosophy from Bard College.